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Über-sized Lighting for a Lifestyle That’s Right

Stunning light fixtures that are anything but the norm are the signature look of Thorn + French. Diffused lighting and workspace fixtures underscore the purpose of each room of your life, highlighting the function at hand. John Moinzad’s theory about residential lighting is simply stated: “Lighting fuels the use of a room. Lighting should be applied in layers—from ceiling fixtures that cast a soft, diffused lighting over the entire room to pendant lighting and under-cabinet lighting that allow the workspace to be used at its most precise level.”


“Successful lighting design is the perfect configuration of place and use. I achieve drama using distinct fixtures with consideration for the highest functionality of the space,” Moinzad shares his trade secrets in lighting that he’s used for years. In fact, in one of his personal residences, Moinzad had more than 200 exterior illumination points all strategically positioned to define the landscaping and residential perimeters. In that same home, Moinzad’s use of lighting on the pool deck area and in the swimming pool itself effectively amped up the entertainment value of the water feature.


So it’s no surprise to find dual 30” diameter metallic shaded chandeliers over an enormous kitchen island. And it’s equally impressive when Moinzad turns a wrought iron chandelier over the dining room table into a work of art placing a modern crystal white orb at the center and teardrop shaped white crystals on each arm of the fixture.


The point, says Moinzad, is that lighting is a significant layer of thought to be considered when designing for a lifetime. The direction of light cast by any single fixture will draw activity in that direction. Wall sconces highlight important paintings. Floor lamps create lighting “nests” where readers can curl up with a book and not miss a comma on the printed page. Moveable track lights allow fluidity over time, highlighting this now and that later.


As every woman knows, you don’t want to step out of your dressing room with one navy blue shoe and one black. Nor do you want interrogation level lighting when serving a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two. While the housekeeper in us all wants the height of precision lighting when cleaning a room, it’s equally important to be able to dim the lighting so that inhabitants don’t require sunglasses to enter. “Lighting done right sets the context of a room and allows you to use a space at its highest functioning level without a hiccup,” adds Moinzad.