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When choosing your designer, consider: Do you want a wholesale rewrite of your own taste, or would you rather have an expert in design truly listen to your expression of the way your space should feel? Not all designers are willing to work with a client to incorporate special objects or collections gathered over a lifetime. Few interior designers are able to take your articulated vision and transform it into an expression of the lifestyle and surroundings you seek. John Moinzad, founder of Thorn & French brings his talent to the task at hand producing an ultimate design that says home.

john moinzad

Colorado-born John Moinzad is recognized as one of the West's foremost interior designers, as well as voted House Beautiful Top 25 Designers in the Nation. For decades John has brought discerning clients together with original one of a kind pieces, artwork and compliments.

our firm

T&F is old world architecture, bold architectural landscape design, one of a kind finishes and hard surfaces. Timeless colors sealed with classic lines of upholstery and case goods all in natural linenes, wools and silks, and cogniac finishes. Dazzling lighting sealed with original inspiring artwork of various mediums. T&F design firm consists of founding partner and patriarch John Moinzad who's background is art and antique acquisition, furniture design, fabric selection and color theory. Sasha Moinzad, senior designer who's background is client relations, public relations, and architectual design brings Johns visions to light. Armon Moinzad, lead contractor overseas every single building application from foundation to final application. The only GC entrusted with the standards of T&F, Armon brings 18 years of experience to residential and commercial construction. Together the team is a trifecta of design execution and construction.

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