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The Bath as a Retreat

More than a grooming area, a 2014 current bath provides functionality personalized to its owner. Do you get your download of news while shaving? Then a wall-hung plasma TV is in order. Do you scuff to the bath in your slippers or barefoot? If it’s the latter, then you’ll likely prefer radiant heat flooring. Do you like to sit as you apply your makeup? Then you’ll want a dressing table with magnification lighting. Customizations are limitless.


Thorn + French is author of dozens of personalized master suites in projects coast to coast. Each has its own trademark. Consider the heightened countertops for taller clients who don’t want to stoop to use the basins. Experience the romance of the reflection in dual ornate glass vanity mirrors juxtaposed against the clad smooth earth-tone granite room.


The bath is a highly personalized experience. The configuration of showers and tubs available today offers something for every sensibility. The options in tile, glass, mosaic, stone, countertops, shower bases, shower seats and shampoo ledges add another dimension of consideration to the balance. John Moinzad tunes into his customer’s nuances and morning routines when designing a livable bathroom space to move his individual customer s through their unique routines effortlessly.


Bring your vision of a bathroom retreat alive, directed and produced by Thorn + French.